Friday 19 June 2009

Filters-Singh Ray

Since living in the states i keep coming across this manufactures name-i had known of it when i lived in Europe but here in the states its very popular,Singh Ray make quality filters for your lenses-up there with Lee filters-top end,high spec,high priced, I have noticed that the current trend for landscape photographers is to use a heavy ND filter like a 10 stop to slow the shutter speed to minutes and give water that super milky effect-even in bright daylight conditions-The 10stop ND filter is black and impossible to see through so focusing and metering have to be done before the filter is applied-Singh Ray have a very clever ND filter that works on the same principle as a polarising filter-The more you turn it the deeper the ND becomes going from 2 stops all the way up to 8 stops,This means that if you want to use 8 stops but need to refocus you simply turn it down to 2 stops-focus/meter and turn it back up-simple,clever and bloody expensive but its all ND,s in one, They have some other nice and original filters like the blue/gold that are well worth a look


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