Thursday 11 June 2009

Lets Talk-Nikon

My Nikon gear has been better than perfect since i bought it but last week the D3 showed a 'cd' error twice and after a phone call to Nikon NY they said to send it in for a checkup,Whilst this is a pain it needs to be done,The 'cd' error is a problem with the card reader in the body and when the error occurs the camera locks up and you have to either remove and reinstall the CF cards or replace the CF cards with different cards which can cost you some shots and last week in freezing conditions was hard to do-It needs a sensor clean so at least this will be done at the same time,The D300 was faultless and has been since i bought it-to me its the best camera body on the market for the money,
Before i went to Colorado i had a mail from Nikon saying that the lens bag for the 200-400 would need replacing if it didn't have a 'T' on the bottom as there a chance of the base failing-mine didn't and after filling in an onlone form Nikon sent a prepaid box to send the old one back which i have now done and should have a new replacement one soon
When i was up in the mountains my lens hood for the 600F4 VR came loose and fell off and was blown over the mountain,I phoned Nikon to get a cost and they phoned Japan and came back with a cost of $350 and that was just for the 1 piece (the lens hood is in 2 pc's) so hardly a bargain but something that will need to be ordered-when it will arrive is anybodies guess as the lenses are like hens teeth
So it just goes to prove that nothing is perfect but at least Nikon have acted in a professional way towards the D3 problem and the 200-400 bag problem,The lens hood is a pain in the wallet to say the least but that's life
New images from my trip last week have started to appear on my website for those interested and more will be added over the next few days, I shot 100% manual mode last week as the weather condition gave constant light and used flash more than i normally do but with the birds it really enhanced the shots and gave nice catch lights in the eyes


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