Friday 5 June 2009

Trip Report-Colorado day 3+4

The last couple of days have been very tough, We have been up to 14260 feet and down to 7500 feet, We have had 75 degrees and -20 windchill and a white out, We have had to be on the move and work hard to get results,But we have had results, The last couple of days we have had good broad tailed hummingbirds,Beautiful landscapes,Big horn sheep,Woodpeckers at the nest,Elk and lots more, I can honestly say its been some of the hardest conditions i have shot in and the most physical, I have shot totally in manual mode which is unusual for me and have used flash everyday,The D3 showed a error the other day and after swapping the extreme 4 for extreme 3 i havent had the problem back but will need to keep an eye on it, Here are a few images from the last 2 days


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