Monday 29 June 2009

Time to rant

I live in suburbia and next to the 'community' we have a farm-The community is built on farm land, Yesterday there was a message on the community website saying that a fox had been spotted in one of the gardens and that people should be aware in case any animals/kids/adults are attacked-A fox in somebodies garden-shock horror, I sent a message back saying that the foxes here are small grey foxes and i see them nightly and that they are extremely timid and the smallest noise and they disappear but was then sent a message back saying that i am a romantic which i find condescending and that animal control should be called-humans never fail to disappoint me, Its true that rabies exist in the USA and in North Carolina but there was no mention of the animal looking ill or acting strange, I have now sent a message back explaining that at this time of year foxes have cubs and that if animal control is called then the fox will probably be caught and destroyed which will leave the cubs to starve-lets hope that this will end the matter and that common sense prevails-we have taken over the foxes habitat after all and its the story of wildlife around the world, A couple of weeks ago there was a small snake in one of the gardens near to where the fox was seen-the fox will eat the snakes and rodents but of you kill the foxes there will be more snakes and mice around-what would you rather have in your gardens


  1. Have to say I'd probably be condescending back and point out the obvious lack of knowledge the poster has about these foxes, and that if they bothered to (shock & horror) learn a bit about them they might actually be able to make an informed decision.

  2. Nice one Dave. I say, let the animals sort themselves out, like you say what would they rather have snakes or foxes. Congrats on the blog, quality stuff,sounds like you're having a ball in NC, cheers