Wednesday 3 June 2009

Trip Report-Colorado day 2

Well today could not have been more different from yesterday and i am glad that we put soo much effort into the previous day, It consistantly rained all night but on the mountain it snowed and when we arrived at 5.30 this morning we were greeted with 4-5'' of fresh snow,The road is very narrow in places with sheer drops so careful slow driving was the order of the day,We managed to get to the area where we saw the goats the day before but it continued to snow and there was no way we could do anything else than decend,The road was closed shortly after and will be closed for another couple of days as the weather looks set to get worse, So tomorrow we head to the Rocky Mountain NP for a recce and will hopefully return here at the end of the week-weather permitting,It wasnt a complete wash out as we shot hundreds of Ruby throated Hummingbirds along with some scenics so not all bad
Here are a couple of images from yesterday


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