Sunday 7 June 2009

Time to reflect

Trips away always finish too quickly-just when you start to get the hang of the place you have to leave-it will be nice to be back in my own bed again i must admit, As i sit here in a motel in Colorado for the last night before flying back tomorrow i have time to reflect on the last week-it started slowly as the weather tried to defeat us,but with some travelling we managed to get some great images each day,The last 2 days we have managed to track down our main target-the Mountain Goat, The weather still gave us a hard time-high winds that tried to drag us off the side of the mountain along with wind chill that cracked the skin on our faces,Being at 14000 feet we suffered from UV rays and no amount of lotion stopped us getting burnt,The wind was soo strong that when i dropped my lens hood it was swept over the mountain side and never to be seen again-that was my 600 lens hood,The D3 gave grief twice and needed to be turned off and the CF cards needed replacing-imagine that high up with gloves on,so Nikon will be getting a call to get it sorted-it seems that its not an uncommon problem, But all in all we never got down hearted and kept bashing on from 4am until 7pm-i am well and truly knackered but have 3500 images to go through and i know that some are crackers and will be on my website next week, A big thank you to Phil Shaw who was excellent company over the week and look forward to the next time we shoot together again


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