Sunday 21 June 2009

Canon Ink Prices

To wrap this issue up-yes Ink prices are ridiculously high-higher than gold-Especially in rip off Britain,However i did purchase a lot of ink direct from Canons web shop and it arrived post free 2 days later, I ordered a complete set of 8 inks for my Pro 9000($105+tax) and a set for my wife's printer-This came to around $200 hence the free postage, But i also received 400(yes 400) Sheets 6x4 photo paper plus glossy 2 and 10 sheets 13x19 photo paper pro free of charge so all in all i cant really complain here (anybody want to buy 400 sheets of 6x4) Check out Canons on line shop as well for special offers-The last time i ordered ink i noticed that they had 30% off their top of the range Platinum Pro Paper which is a very nice paper for your prints


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