Saturday 27 June 2009

Reviews-Sekonic L-358 Lightmeter

Lightmeters are not something you see many wildlife photographers use but they are a handy tool to have especially if you shoot in Manual mode, I have had my Sekonic L-358 hand held light meter for a few years and although i mainly use it in the studio it has come in handy when shooting close ups like macro work-They are easy to use and very accurate as they read the light falling onto the subject rather than reflected light off of the subject-fur can be very shiny and fool a cameras light meter as can light and dark subjects-These days having a histogram makes life a lot easier than it used to be but by taking a meter reading with a hand held meter you quickly have a guide to go by and small tweaks can be done after taking a test shot-Sekonic and Minolta seem to be the most popular makes but some basic ones can be picked up very cheaply


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