Wednesday 10 June 2009

Corvids - In praise of the unloved

Rooks, Crows, Jackdaws get a bad press from all corners.

Well I quite like them - or least Jackdaws and Hooded Crows. These few images were taken on my recent trip to Mull.

Hooded Crows are found across the Highlands and remind me of Carrion Crows in Silver waistcoats - I think they look pretty cool. It is great to watch them for a while as they seem to be quite playful and have 'character'. They are not the easiest of birds to photograph, and have eluded me in terms of half decent images.

Jackdaws are not widespread on Mull - this image was taken on Iona. I had a great five minutes watching one on top of a fence post shouting at a black and cat that was sneaking up on some House Sparrows. The cat turned round and sat below the Jackdaw, being taunted very loudly. After a while the cat kept trying to jump up to shut the Jackdaw up, and as the cat jumped the Jackdaw just took off in a hover a couple of feet up and then back on to the post to resume shouting. It was a great cameo.

On the trip back south from Scotland, Dumbarton is usually where I see the last of the Hoodies, and a little sadness knowing that it will be another good few months before I am back to see them again.


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