Thursday, 18 June 2009

Canon Printer Ink Prices - Shock!!!!

It recently came to my notice on a thread on the EOS Network that Canon ink prices have gone through the roof.

I was well aware of what has happened with gear prices as a result of the poor exchange rate, with some gear prices having increased by up to about 40 to 50 % in many cases, but was seriously shocked by the rate of change of ink cartridges.

I used to use the Canon Pixma Pro9000 as Dave currently does. I have been using the 9500 since last November so have to use a different range of carts for that, and as a result of that changeover haven't had to buy any ink since before the prices went silly earlier this year.

I used to pay around £7 per tank for the CLI-8 range from places like 7dayshop or Inkraider but now see they are around £12 each.

This is quite frankly exceeding what is sensible from the exchange rate variation and think Canon UK or Canon Europe really need to sort this out. I know from the Analytics stats that you Canon guys in Stockley Park and Amstelveen read this blog - so how about it guys!!!

Let us know your thoughts and let us have your best defence - give us your feedback please and we will post it!!

Bet you don't!!

Anyway, the best prices I have found are shown below - so if you need some any that you buy through here goes to help support the site. All patronage is most welcomed.



  1. I can buy direct from Canon USA for $14.99 but i see Canon UK is 16.99GBP, Also here if i buy from my local stationery shop i can pay a small amount more but i get $3 per empty cartridge-Just about to order some now so a very apt post

  2. Refillable Ink Cartridge is the revolutionary new ink systems. They are designed to make printing more efficient and effective.

  3. A bit of standard marketing hype. Refillable might be cheaper, as are all the compatibles. I would never use such items as I could not guarantee the ink source. I have all my papers ICC profile to match genuine Canon inks. The last thing I would do would be to mess up the careful colour profiling, and waste expensive paper with cheap ink


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