Monday 27 April 2009

Gear we use and abuse-Think Tank Security

As air travel is getting harder and harder for the photographer and with a trip or two coming up i decided to push the boat out and buy a new bag for my kit, Not just any bag but a bag designed specifically for the travelling photographer, The Think Tank security is designed to fit the maximum amount of gear into the bag and still meet airline requirements for over head lockers, I somehow managed to get my 600F4,200-400,24-70,14-24,Flash +beamer,2 pro bodies and leads into it, The great thing about the bag is that it has an extendable handle and wheels so the airport staff wont see you struggling with the weight (until you are on the plane and try to lift it into the locker) Its an incredibly well made piece of kit and has some nice features like a rain cover, built in steel rope, backpack straps incase you decide to have it on your back and lots of pockets for filters etc, And one of the best features is that it doesnt 'scream' Photographer, It just looks like a normal case, Not cheap but an investment and if it makes air travel easier then its well worth the initial outlay, Next month i am off to Colorado so that will be its first real test although this coming weekend i am off to the Smokey mountains again so will be taking it then as well


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