Wednesday 29 April 2009

Use Protection-Be Safe

Now that spring is with us and summer is around the corner the weather is warming up and the bugs are coming out to play, we need to get our sensible heads on, Firstly we spend alot of time outdoors and need to take precautions against the sun, Cancer is a real threat and sunburn is just plain uncomfortable, Make sure high factor sun cream is applied regularly and take a cloth to keep your hands as dry as possible, Sun cream and cameras don't work to well, I had a Canon 5D -yes film- years ago that i took travelling and the hand grip peeled due to coming into contact with suncream and bug spray, So that brings me onto bug spray-nearly every country now has mosquitoes and not all of them are night time fliers, Early mornings and evening sessions become a pain in more ways that one, When shooting badgers in used to wear a wide brimmed hat and a net over my head to get some peace from the most annoying things on the planet, When shooting in foreign countries you may also need malaria tablets as well, Bug spray can help keep all biters at bay but most sprays and cream tend to be scented so be careful when trying to shoot animals like deer and downwind will be the only way to get close enough to shoot, If you are approaching a deer and he suddenly lifts his head and licks his nose then he knows you are around, As mentioned bug spray and camera gear don't work so either use gloves-i use a think cotton camo pair in the summer-or take a cloth and keep as much off of the cameras as possible, Whilst talking of bugs lets mention Ticks, Now they are not that common in the UK but they are around and where you find deer you will find ticks and ticks that can carry Lyme disease this is a very real danger to your health, Here in the USA Lyme disease is wide spread and not nice-flu like symptoms that if left untreated will cause lasting health problems, Get a friend or partner to check you for ticks, I have had them on me in Switzerland, France and India , Care is needed when removing them so as not to break the head off, I use a tick remover that i bought from a vets for my dog,Its like a minute claw hammer that you slide under the tick and slowly pull and twist at the same time, I was told that a tick breathes out of its rear end as its head is buried so a blob of vaseline over the tick will make it reverse out as it tries to get air, Sensible clothing with long sleeves and a wide brimmed hat will all help keep you cool and safe


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  1. Hi Doctor Dave
    I had Lyme disease from a tick picked up in France. You have to take a special antibiotic to clear it up. It The symptoms are a terrible flu and they clear up on their own but dont be fooled they come back at regular intervals with serious consequences.
    Very nasty
    Pete the Patient