Tuesday 21 April 2009

Think ahead and get prepared 2

I did the original part to this at the start of the year,If you followed what i said then then you are getting excited as the foxes and badgers will have had their young and in a few weeks they will make their first steps into the light, The folage on the ground and in the trees will now be growing and you will see if its possible to get shots where you want or will need to make different plans and maybe bait somewhere else,Be careful what you are putting down for food as the chances are that the dog fox will take it straight back into the den for the vixen but the cubs may get hold of some so small and soft is the way to go where bait is concerned, Where there is growth on the ground you will see the animals pathways as fox and badger use the same routes for generations, Following theses path ways will tell you alot about where the animals go when exciting the dens, I would have had a hide in position by now and if you havent then get one up and covered, Its best to put up a hide and dont go near it for a week or 2 this way the fox adults will get used to it and when the young appear it will be natural for them, The vixen will be underground with the young and it will be a busy time for the Dog fox bring back food for the whole family, You will see lots of activity around the den site and its a great time to watch from a distance, It can be very tempting to get a few shots in but i would advise against any disturbance in the area until the cubs are present, Be very careful and alert when near to the dens as if a fox sees you it may move the cubs and then all the hard work and preparation will be for nothing-always remember that the animals welfare must always come before the photo


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