Saturday 4 April 2009

Local Patch - Quick Garden Update

The sun is shining brightly again and the butterflies are coming in frequently now. With a few Small Whites now showing, and the first Peacock today as well. Brimstones and Commas still showing well too.

Bird activity is less now as they are in full nesting mode. Wood Pigeons, House Sparrows and Blackbirds are still eating us out of house and home. The male Blackcap has been showing well from time to time. Fabulous views this morning of the male Sparrowhawk who flew directly at me as I was watching out of the first floor window, then banked round just about 8 feet away - stunning sight. The Sparrows don't appear to be taking any notice of the two boxes that I have put up for them, but I will keep my eyes open.

All seven large blobs of frog spawn in the pond have now disappeared and the place is teaming with lively little tadpoles.

I haven't noticed any new wildlfowers out yet since my last update, but the bluebell leaves are coming up as are the Arum Lillies, so I hope to see something from those in the next few weeks. There were supposed to be some Wood Anemones in that particular area in the mix I put down but these haven't showed. The local woods are teaming with them at the moments so maybe they need another year before they will show.


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