Monday 20 April 2009

Hardware - Samsung Netbook Colour Balancing

As regular followers of the blog will know, I bought myself a Samsung NC10 Netbook a couple of months ago. This has been a great little bit of kit and have used it for presentations of slide shows among many other uses.

However, one of the problems that I have had is colour balancing the monitor. For my main monitor, I use the X Rite Eye One Display 2 and this does provide a fantastic colour balance for me. But due to screen resolutions it is not possible to use the X Rite on the Netbook. The Samsung with it's little screen res. of 1024 x 600 does not meet the 1024 x 768 res. required for the Eye One 2.

So enter stage left the Huey Pantone - a simple little device that has done the trick. It is incredibly fast and while not as sophisticated as the Eye One 2, will give a substantially improved colour balance than is possible without.

It also can be left in and will provide you with the ambient light moderator.

One to look out for if you are a netbook user



  1. My 10.2" Medion Netbook will do 1024 X 768 abeit with some scrolling. Right click on the screen, -> choose properties, ->settings, ->Screen Res more, ->apply. works with Canon Dig.Photo.Prof and Freecom DTV-T widget. and surfing you can scroll browser header off screen for a bigger window.


  2. David,

    Thanks for that - I am afraid that is not the case with the Samsung though - there are two screen res's available

    1024 x 600 or 800 x 600