Friday 17 April 2009

After the shooting is done

So you have a hard drive full of great images-what next, You have shown them on your web site and on forums and even one or two are in print on your wall, Is that it? are they now destined to spend eternity on your hard drive where nobody can see them, Well there is an answer and that is to get them in print-a book-your own personal book, Just like in the days of film where you would get a set of prints and put them in an album to show your friends every time they visited, There are lots of companies now offering this service, I recently had a couple of books made up, One for my in laws as a present showing the times that they came and visited us in France and Switzerland and a personal one again showing our time living abroad,Friends and family who stopped by,places visited and some of my favorite wildlife shots whilst we lived there, I used a company called Bob Books as a friend has used them on many occasions and was always pleased with the package and service, The procedure is simple,Download the software from their website and use the templates on the pages to drag the images onto,There are a variety of templates and you can have a full page shot down to thumnails,Put some text and go to the next page-simple, I converted my images to full size Jpegs-Srbg and dragged them onto the page expecting to either get a message saying the file was too large or get to the end and it not loading due to the huge amount of info being uploaded, I need not have worried as it all loaded within minutes and a couple of weeks later it was delivered, Now i have to say that the image quality is excellent as is the feel of the book, Its not going to fall part, Everybody who has seen it has been impressed and have said that they will be getting a book or 2 done, Although Bob Books are based in the UK the actual printing is done in Switzerland which was spooky as we had just moved from there, I know there are plenty of other companies offering the same like photobox,Mpix and even your local high street processor but i have only seen and used Bob Books and can give my recommendation to them-Top product


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