Sunday 5 April 2009

Processing-Colour Casts

Images may have a colour cast for many reasons but by careful processing there is no reason for them to be there,Its not always easy to see a colour cast until somebody mentions that its a tad green or blue, After doing your minor adjustments in ACR open the image in Photoshop,Go to Levels and you will see the Channel:RGB which has a drop down bar,Click in the drop down bar and you will see it says RGB,Red,Green,Blue, I start at the bottom by clicking on the blue,Check to see if the sliders need to move 'in' to the histogram the same as you would normally in levels,Hold the ALT key down whilst you move the left or right slider in,The screen will go a solid colour,Keep your finger on the alt all the time until you see some speckles coming into the image-back the slider off until the speckles disappear and continue doing the red and green channels in the same way,Once you have done the red,green and blue go back to the RGB channel and see if that needs adjusting and once done you should not have any colour casts-easy


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