Saturday 17 January 2009

Trip Reports - A tough start

Its amazing how different a place can change in a month since my last visit. North Carolina is in its coldest spell for years and unfortunately its coincided with my arrival at the coast. It's well into minus figures with a very stiff breeze so the wind chill feels like its trying to rip the skin off your face.

Some of the birds have moved on since the last visit and having spent all afternoon driving around I have found some inland and in dykes and ditches out of the biting wind, it's been a tough day but the highlights were watching a Bald Eagle take a duck off the lake and feeding on it. I have some shots of Hooded Merganser which I have wanted for a long time-not great but good stock shots and some nice Bufflehead, Coypu and Deer. So a 12 hr day with dreadfully uncomfortable conditions and lots of driving-around 200 miles. I went to see if there were any bears around but no signs in the usual places-not suprising really, so I have managed something out of a tough day.
We will see what tomorrow brings but the conditions are forecast the same. I cannot post any images as I have my laptop with me but don't have any processing software on it as I use it just for storage and backing up.

More soon


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