Saturday 10 January 2009

News - Weather Watch

Just a quick note that I am sure you are all aware of, but if not.

With the 'big freeze' here in the UK - OK so it's all relative to the rest of the world, please make sure you keep water sources available for the wildlife in your garden. It is vital for their well being and very existence. All four water sources in our garden are freezing every night, so first thing one of us is out there, breaking ice and filling the reflective pool with hot water.

Not only do the animals need to drink a little, but equally importantly the birds have to bathe to keep their feathers in good order.

So check your gardens and if you can put some water out, and keep it free of ice you will be doing a good thing.

On the food front, sunflower hearts are a real power source, and the birds here are getting through a sackful every couple of weeks - but then we are getting hundreds of birds in the garden throughout the day.

If you have any unusual sightings or rare species in your garden, why not let us know on here.

Check back on the blog later today - we will be starting off the first in the Long Lens series


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  1. Well we have had the Grey wagtail back and a Goldcrest today, plus the male Great Spotted Woodpecker plus all the usual crowd