Thursday 8 January 2009

Future blog posts

As I said in the opening post, we intend to post up daily content

To give you an idea of the key themes that we will be covering in the weeks and months ahead here is an outline plan

Kit we use and abuse
An item each week about the gear we use, bodies, lenses, flash, accessories, printers, bags - stuff we use and abuse on a daily basis. What works well an what doesn't - so we can save you wasting your money - learn from our mistakes!!

Long Lenses - and how to use them and support them
Staple gear of the wildlife photographer - it can be a big learning curve when you start to use large glass. We will tell you of our experiences. This will be set out in quite a few parts.

Trip Reports - where we have been and what we have seen
Dave and I will be doing a number of trips in our own and other countries this year. Keep watching , see what we have been up to and photographed.

From the Archives
We will share some of our favourite images from our past - stuff that you may have seen before and certainly some stuff that you haven't, with details of where and how we did it.

Software and Hardware we toil with
Dave and I use a number of applications between us - we will share us impressions, what we like, and how we manage some of our work flow. Some reviews of some of our kit like monitors, colour management, graphics tablets, archiving and storing images.

News, Reviews, Views and Links we like
Self explanatory - or maybe a day off

and finally
Guest Photographer slot
A shamelessly plagiarised great idea from another blogsite - check out our links to see which one. So we will be asking some of the photographers that we know and admire to come and share their world with you and us. If you want to be included , well then just contact us.

So we hope there will be enough there to keep you in reading material, entertainment, education and most of all enjoyment on a daily basis, so if you haven't subscribed, hit the RSS feed at the top of the site, or join us as a 'friend of the blog' to make sure you don't miss the posts



  1. Could you also add an article about metering ? I'm finding it now the hardest thing to get right. Look forward to seeing lots of images & learning.

  2. HI Mark_O

    Yes - would be happy to do that in the future. Keep watching and subscribing and you will see that.

    Dave and I use at least a couple of methods between us.