Wednesday 11 April 2012

Time for change on the Blog

On Monday January 5th 2009, Dave and I started to blog continuously. We had a few trial posts before the start of 2009, but it kicked off in earnest on that day.

We have never missed a single day, and this is the 1437th post we have made.

But 'chatting' with Dave over the weekend, we have agreed to knock back the frequency to either one per week, or one per week each.

There are a number of reasons for this.

From a purely selfish point of view, it is a big commitment of time and effort, and after 1437 posts, new material to talk about can be hard to come by on a daily basis. You have no doubt worked that out if you are regular reader.

So, like all good things, change is needed from time to time, and we have agreed that time is now.

My photographic interests and commitment have changed over the period since we started, and I am less inclined to go out on long and cold trips that I have been in the past.

With fuel prices in the UK, it is a major consideration and not inconsiderable cost to bear, particularly when this is, for me, a hobby.

I will continue with my wildlife gardening and my photographic work of my 'local' wild world and those areas of wildlife that interest me.

Dave is a good 'gear' guy and will no doubt continue to bring his view and invaluable experiences of that along with his stunning images.

So, the long and the short of it is that there will be less posting. Probably slightly longer and hopefully more 'quality' in the blog, but you will be the judge of that.

My gear sales are currently going well, and time is running out with the stuff currently listed running until Friday and Saturday. Check out my seller id of madzone19 or go to this link.

There is a great opportunity to get my Canon 500f4 L IS. You know that the new one is not available and will be a stupid price, as I have blogged about many times before, and that no dealer has any of the mark1 stock. If you want one, you will only get them through private sale. With the number watching and bidding, get in quick if you need it.

I will be back for an update, probably on Sunday with a sales and what is left to sell overview, and who knows, maybe a few pictures.



  1. Hi Martin and Dave, firstly let me thank you both for the time you have taken to share the wealth and knowledge that you have with us. I have always thought to do what you both have done and posted daily was one heck of a commitment and time 'consumer', so thanks again. From doing my own blog, sometimes its difficult to do it weekly let alone daily and I don't even work full time ! I for one will still look forward to what ever posts you both can do.



  2. I agree with Robbie entirely!!! Clair x

  3. Gentlemen, thank you for the time an effort that you have put into this project over the last couple of years - amazing! I will now catch up with the blogspot on a weekly basis with a nice glass of something. Here's to you pair and keep the posts coming!

  4. thanks for the post and the info