Thursday 5 April 2012

For Sale - Canon 300 f2.8 IS L Super Prime Lens

I have finally made up my mind to sell my 300f2.8 IS L lens. It is the mark 1 version, not the latest and very very expensive mark2.

The lens is a stunning piece of kit.

Unbelievably sharp, great IQ - contrast, colour etc, and ridiculously fast to focus.

There is a picture of it here, complete with neoprene lens protection. This has meant that it is in pristine condition, and has had very little use, and never in cruddy weather

It will be available with all standard accessories, include the fancy big make up case in comes in, lens hood and cover, manual and the extra lens coat.

I recently saw a really ratty tatty version go for just over £2700 on eBay, so I am looking for offers higher than £3K. Yes, it is a lot, but it is a lot of lens, they are rare-ish beasties, and not easy to get hold of from Canon, in any form.

So if you are interested, and I mean seriously interested, please contact me, with your contact details via the comments. We will NOT publish so don't worry about that.

It will go on eBay, probably this weekend, but I wanted to give our loyal and discerning readers first shout. Only UK delivery - sorry to non UK-ers.

If you want to know more, or see pictures either from it, although that wont tell you much, or of it in detail, please contact me


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