Tuesday 10 April 2012

D800 General chit chat

The D3s is sitting in the corner sulking, Its been over a week since i used it and i think the trend will continue, Its only when you get a slower camera that you realize how much high speed work you do, There will be times when the D3s will be the main camera but for what i am shooting now the D800 rules, We had some of our old neighbors around at the weekend and i offered to take a couple of portraits, I showed them the results of the images straight out of the camera on screen and it started with oh wow and then turned in my god look at my-lines/wrinkles/bags/spots/pimples/hairs/you name it, Yes the D800 takes no prisoners, the detail is amazing and anybody who does portrait work will have extra processing to do, I have just purchased Portrait Professional V10, Its a huge improvement over the old version that i used to have, Its much more subtle and the skin tones stay true unlike before, that should keep some people a little happier, PP is on special at the moment for under $40 so its a bargain,
I sat out last night in the hopes of getting some fox images, The fox did come and feed in front of me but it didn't get in the position i wanted so i ended up just watching until it left, the deer are coming out before dusk and i hoped to get some shots in daylight but they arrived as i was setting up and soon left the area,
I have bluebirds in one of my nest boxes and Chickadees in the other, I have some of the plants that i recently planted coming into bloom and they have an assortment of bees and butterflies around them which is nice, The planting continues,
The 32gb SD card for the D800 arrived yesterday so it will come in handy for my Florida trip next month-cant wait, I think the D3s will come back into its own there but we will see.
The forums are doing what forums do when a new camera is announced, One person says that they have a problems and before you know its its a major problem spread mainly by people who do not even have the camera, At the moment on the D800 its the far AF points, I have to say i haven't checked mine but i have used them and they seem fine,
Here's a shot from the weekend using the 14-24

I wonder how many Canon users have stuck their thumbs over the 5D3 viewfinder to see if the exposure changes when you turn the illumination on-pure madness but it seems to happen with every new camera, If you want a perfect camera wait for 6 months or more after the launch, If you get one of the first models then don't complain if there are glitches,The only real problem that i have with the D800 is the color of the screen and i have to admit it doesn't bother me and i am sure that it will be rectified,



  1. Hi Dave, the green cast on the screen is mentioned here http://nikonrumors.com/2012/03/27/nikon-d800-issues.aspx/ not sure if you have seen this on my previous post.

    Cheers Bob

  2. Hi Bob
    Yes it seems widely spread, Its not a problem as such, I do not use the screen to check for colors, I shoot RAW so can adjust the WB etc in PP,The screen is fine for checking for sharpness and composition and the color cast is not heavy, I hope that it gets sorted quickly as it does tarnish a great product