Friday 6 April 2012

D800 studio test

They say that the D800 is primarily a landscape and studio camera so i set up a couple of studio lights and again Alfie was the unfortunate model as he is cheap and my wife said that she wont let me shoot her with the D800 after seeing some images on the web where you can see every bump,pimple and hair, It was a quick test and really i was getting ready as my neighbor has a new cairns terrier puppy that i will soon be shooting, I set the lights up using a hand held light meter and set them to 1/125@F11, The aperture at F11 puts me into diffraction territory as the D800 has so many pixels that after F8 the image will soften slightly as you stop down, I thought that i would start with F11 and see how good or bad the image would look as a dog as a longish face and i didn't want a blurry nose and its quite a nice aperture to use outside for landscape work, As you can see the D800 really is at home in the studio, The files are beautiful and the images has plenty of sharpness and detail

This image is cropped by 25% from the original

And this crop is 100% of the cropped image above

Alfie soon showed that he was bored and so we stopped the session

And a couple of 100% crops of the above image showing the detail

So the D800 passes the studio test with flying colors which was hardly surprising, Now if the weather brightens up i will see if i can get some macro images


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