Monday 2 April 2012

Garden Flora

The garden flora is now taking off quite nicely, with the hedgerows coming into blossom. These next two images are the same part of a Blackthorn tree (bears Sloe fruit in Autumn).

Regular readers will remember Dave writing about using different backgrounds for the same subject and demonstrated how it changed the shot. Well this is along those lines. The bright blue sky giving a nice crisp Spring feel to the image.

In the pond, the Marsh Marigold is in beautiful bright full bloom and provide a nice bit of colour to the pond area in an otherwise green canvas at the moment.

The Snakeshead Fritillary continue to show well and I know have about fifteen out. It can be difficult isolating single heads for simple shots like this.

Up in the 'woodland area' - well it is a damp shady area up the Apple tree and it shade from the neighbours fence and shed, the Bluebells continue to grow and this single Cowslip and Wood Anemones provide a little bit of interest. I hope that they naturally multiply over the next few years.

One or two other flowers are starting to show and it wont be too long before there will be a lot more interest to share with you.


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