Saturday 7 April 2012

D800 general use

I took the D800 to a classic car show/shop, I was expecting it to be mainly outside but only a couple of cars turned up and the rest of the cars were in a shop, I thought that i had bought the wrong body with me as the light wasn't the best and even ISO 800 had quite a low shutter speed, So i thought what the hell, i am here now so took a variety of images from ISO 800, 1600 and even 3200, I have to say that when i downloaded them and viewed them in Breezebrowser i was taken back, Even the ISO 3200 images showed little grain and what there was was very fine grained-mighty impressed, I used the 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 and all performed brilliantly. Here are a few images from the day, The camera was set in AV and i let the exposure sort itself out i.e comp was set to 0, Processed lightly with just a small adjustment to curves, There is no noise reduction added and i think you will see that with a small dusting of NR the ISO 3200 are more than usable, In fact even without NR they are very usable

ISO 800

ISO 1600


ISO 3200

100% crop

Obviously you can grain but i expecting much much more, The grain is very even and fine, Easily removed if needed, I don't think that i will have any hesitation in using this camera at ISO 1600, Very similar to the D7000, All the images were taken handheld which should dispel some myths about needing a tripod with this camera although i would always advise using a tripod where possible


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