Saturday 7 April 2012

Big Spring Sale - Canon Gear

Following on from my Thursday blog, I have taken a serious decision to have a major gear flush out and the following will be put on eBay over the next couple of days, so in keeping with previous posts, if there is anything of interest here, please get in contact with me via the comments.

Contact details will as always remain private.

List as follows;

Canon 500f4L IS (mark 1)

Canon 300f2.8L IS

Canon 300f4 L IS

Canon 17-40 f4 L

Canon 50 f 1.4

Canon 580 EX 11 flash head

Canon 1.4 x EF11 Extender

Canon 2 x EF11 Extender

Canon 7D Dslr body

Canon BGE-7 battery grip for 7D. (Will combine if sensible offer)

Canon LP-E6 Battery (for 7D or 5Dmk2)

Various bags which I will put in more detail to follow.

All lenses with original boxes, cases, bags, caps etc as appropriate. Even still have the delivery box for the 500f4L as well.



  1. Wow - you're either giving up on photography, or going to the dark side......?

  2. Graham, there are still a good few gaps in that list......... Holding some stuff back.........for now

  3. I can feel a presence in the force

  4. Malcolm Rowley9 April 2012 at 10:39

    what are you asking for the 7d and grip

  5. Good to hear from you Malcolm,

    For the two combined, I would expect to get at least 1K on eBay.

    How does that sound? It is not on eBay yet so if you let me know as soon as you can have first shout, I would be grateful. Most of rest of gear is now on.

    If interested, please let me have a private contact email/phone number (which I wont post obviously)


  6. How much are you asking for the 500mm4L ISz?