Sunday 6 May 2012

Depression follows Depression = Even more depression

OK so I am talking about the weather now.  With one North Atlantic anti cyclone following another in quick succession, I don't need to tell you how depressing it has been.

My 5dmk2 has stayed firmly in the cupboard and as the wildlife garden grows even skywards, little flowers and very little bug, moth, or butterfly activity has been evident.

The tadpoles are doing really well now and growing fast, but then they were late in appearing this year.

Nesting activity is taking place and for the first time we have nesting Blackbirds in the climbing rose at the front of the house.

We have had plenty of Swallow and House Martin activity overhead, but as yet no Swifts.  They are being seen well in parts of the country so it is just a matter of time before I can marvel as they scream and reel overhead and I will know that summer is finally here.

Slightly further afield, Jac and I took a trip around the Cotswolds today and saw some nice sights and a particularly sad one.  The sad one was seeing a beautiful, very tiny Fox cub dead in the road.  It looked beautiful and in perfect condition but sadly was not wise enough for dealing with the busy Fosse Way.

Great sights and sounds included Sedge and Reed Warblers, Great Crested Grebes, Red Crested Pochards, Reed Bunting and some particularly close encounters with some Buzzards and Kestrels as we rode around on a very sunny, but blimmin' cold day.

Oh! Did I say ride?

Well we took delivery of a new baby a couple of weeks ago.

She is a Triumph Bonneville T100, a modern day creation of the great 60's British motorcycling icon.  With new technology, that uncannily includes keeping the oil on the inside of the engine, this delightful machine is my first venture back on to a motorcycle properly since May 1995, when my last one bit me very badly.

A couple more bits are due to be delivered from Triumph, including a screen and a different seat and she will be complete

So now with limited space availability for carrying stuff I need a new camera which I will l ask you about in my next blog, but get your thinking caps on.  I need a decent quality P & S with a decent-ish lens, and good (for a compact) image quality, naturally.

It wont be so long before my next blog, but I have been grateful for the break (and maybe you have too)


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  1. Hi Martin, if you think your weather has been bad we had snow yesterday with near blizzards at times - it didn't stay long though . At the cliffs yesterday at 6am it was around -5C.

    I'm dead jealous about the bike, I still miss mine so I know how you feel.