Saturday 12 May 2012

They are back

One of my most important wildlife highlights of the year happened at home today  - the Swifts are back with us here in Stratford upon Avon.  I have been looking out for them since the start of May, but with the first decent day of the month weather wise finally, they have made it today.

It has felt like they have been really late this, and so it is when I checked back to previous years.

On another first of the year, we also had our first of the Large Red Damselflies show today - once again the warm weather bringing out new life.  Time to start watching the pond more closely now.

Think I have cracked my challenge for a new camera and it should be with me sometime next week. I have been looking for a new small form compact camera that is light, small and has a larger than the usual tiny P & S sensor.  So I have been trawling the specs of the Mirrorless compacts with interchangeable lens.  With motorcycle touring planned, the option of taking big, heavy bulky DSLR's is not an option.

Watch this space.



  1. Stunning pictures again as always. Any chance of an idiots guide to fill flash/use of better beamer with long lenses for wildlife ?

  2. Unbelievable only seems like 5 minutes since you were blogging they were back this time last year!