Thursday 14 June 2012

A few interesting bits for sale

Ok apologies for the lack of blogs from me lately.


Terrible weather (in case you hadn't noticed) so camera just hasn't been out of the bag/cupboard/house.

Too much work on at the moment - lots of bids/long hours etc.

Getting motorcycle touring logistics sorted for later this year

However, I will bring a garden update on my very local wildlife at the next shout.

Having had a clearout of a lot of my gear a while back, I have a few other bits for sale now that are a bit more specialist wildlife gear that may be of interest to our readers.

They are on eBay now and have just two days to run.

So if they appeal get over there, check it out, bid and grab a bargain.

The gear is as follows;

Wimberley Sidekick - probably one of the best tools for use with the 500 lenses and lower in conjunction with an Arca Swiss or other ball head.  Light and very adaptable

Wimberley P40 Foot plate (for Canon 500 amongst other lenses)

Wimberley P30 Foot Plate (for Canon 300f2.8 among other lenses)

Kirk Flash Extender (for Canon 580EX or EX11 flash head)  These are also known as Better Beamers

Naturescapes Skimmer Pod (for use with a ball head and low level to skim across mud/sand/water etc)

Plus a little Manfrotto 484RC2 head - OK for little cameras or remotely mounting flashheads on stands



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